Lower Body Cardio Burn

Set 1: Perform each exercise 4 times.

  • Dumbell walking lunges x20 each leg
  • Skaters x20 each leg
  • Back lunge with dumbbell raise x20 each leg
  • Side lunges (with barbell OR dumbells) x 20 each leg

Set 2: Perform each exercise 4 times.

  • Low step-up with lunge x10 each leg
    • How to: Start with both feet together in front of a step. If you are stepping up with your right leg, do not place your left foot onto the step, let it hang behind the step or bring into a bent knee position. Step your left foot to the ground. As you are stepping your right foot back down, instead of placing it beside the left, go into a back lunge with the right foot back. Lift your right foot back to starting position, and repeat. Perform your 10 reps on one leg at a time.
  • Bench step up with front kick x12 each leg
  • Side-to-side steps x20 total – each lateral move counts as 1 rep
  • Side step up with bent knee x12 each leg

Set 3: Perform each exercise 4 times.

  • Wide squat with shoulder press x15
  • Squat jumps x15
  • Narrow squat with front press x15
  • Box jumps (I use a bench) x15

Set 4: Repeat each exercise above for one more set.

If you still have energy, perform 20 minutes at medium-high resistance on the stairmill, or 30 minutes on the elliptical.


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