Miracle Winter Skin Savers

Here in the South, where we don’t typically see snow (unfortunately) or temperatures drop during the colder months, yesterday’s winter solstice didn’t feel particularly wintry. However, despite the mild temperatures, I can still feel and see the effects of winter’s wind, dry heated homes, and worst of all: the decrease in sunlight.

If your skin is anything like mine, it gets annoyingly dull and dry this time of year. Maybe it’s having withdrawals from all the unhealthy sun exposure it got this summer on the lake? My skin didn’t even wait until Winter was officially underway to go haywire this year. Luckily, I am a beauty product addict and have found some amazing products that I call “miracles” to my friends. I have seen how well these work and would recommend them to anyone who would listen.

So, without further ado… and with links to purchase!

My Miracle Winter Skin Savers

1. Face: As mentioned above, I spent a great deal of my Summer outside, soaking up the sun’s rays under my SPF 70. Protecting your face from the sun is important for preventing skin cancer, and signs of aging such as dark spots or premature wrinkles, and you can still get a great glow through sunscreen without all that damage, not to mention the dewy look that Southern humidity provides to all who step outside day or night. It’s no hard feat to look radiant all summer long… But what about in Winter? My skin changes from Summer glow to Winter blah, and there is not much to be done about that besides investing in a tropical vacation… or some quality products like these to keep the face dewy year round.

CeraVe SA Renewing Cream, 12 Ounce

I found this product last winter when my skin was at its absolute worst (TMI ALERT) – peeling, red, and raw from too-strong prescription acne products, on top of basic winter dryness. It was at the suggestion of a Sephora associate (they don’t even sell Cerave), that I looked into the Cerave brand. This SA cream feels tingly at first, but it is anything but harsh on already sensitive, damaged skin. From the first night I used this cream, I could see positive improvements in my skin. I am still amazed at how it repaired and changed my skin with continued use, and is the first product I would genuinely called a miracle. My “acne”, which I believe was actually just a result of irritation from strong chemicals, completely healed. My redness is not a problem any more. Even though I don’t have the skin issues I once had, I use this cream a couple nights a week in place of my regular anti-aging cream when my skin looks like it is particularly parched or starts showing warning signs of redness or irritation. You can also use this on excema for the same healing effects I had with my face!

Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion Am 3 Fl Oz 

I’ll be honest, I use this year round. It’s the perfect non-heavy daily moisturizer for face, complete with a built-in sunscreen (great for when you go out skiing, or down the block for your coffee run). I can’t say enough positive things about how this brand!

Christian Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Creme for Unisex, 1.7 Ounce

This is my go-to night time moisturizer. It feels light on the skin and smells so good, too! I layer this over Christian Dior Capture Totale One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum to promote cell turnover  and help the deepest skin cells stay moisturized, for fresh, new skin.

Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System 0.68 Fl Oz, 1-Count
I haven’t shelled out the money for a “real” Clarisonic, but I’ve used the Olay Pro-X, and can confirm its effectiveness. The battery-operating cleansing brush gently exfoliates away dead skin cells to keep your skin feeling smooth and looking fresh. It has two speeds to meet individual needs, and boasts results of a 6X deeper clean than using cleanser alone. Since it provides such a deeper level of exfoliation, and I don’t want to be too harsh on my skin, I use mine only about once per week. My skin always feels baby soft after! PS. Amazon has this on an amazing deal right now – over $10 less than I just saw a seasonal promotion for sale at a big box retailer). Get it while the deal is hot, because I bet it won’t last long.

2. Hands: My hands can go from 0 – 100, real quick. Try these products to restore moisture and add a barrier to prevent further moisture loss.

Aquaphor HAquaphor Healing Ointmentealing Ointment, 1.75 Oz 

This comes in all sizes from trial size to an economy size tub, but the 1.75 Oz is the perfect size to be able to toss into your purse and use on the go. Fair warning: this ointment is a bit greasy (no surprise as the active ingredient is Petrolatum – think Vaseline), but does miracles on truly try skin. For less than $5, this will probably last you all winter. I even use it on my lips when then get cracked!

Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Hand Creme, 2.7 oz. 

If you can’t stand the greasy feeling, Eucerin (the make of Aquaphor) has a rich, lotion-y hand cream that absorbs quickly. This cream boasts Alpha Hydroxyl to promote healing and aid in providing relief for your dry winter hands.
Badger Balm – For Hardworking Hands – 2oz

My mother has sworn by this stuff for years. I don’t even know where she used to buy it, but these days I find everything on Amazon.com, and I am so glad I found this. My cuticles tend to crack and just look, well, bad, whenever it gets slightly cold outside and this stuff makes a world of difference.


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