Blue Apron: Crispy Salmon

For my second Blue Apron meal, I selected the crispy salmon with orzo, green bean and cucumber salad.

The recipe began just like the first: prep the veggies and cook the grains. 

Then, you pan cook your green beans with the shallot and garlic. 

It took me a minute to realize the shallot was in the “knick knacks” bag for this recipe (which didn’t make a lot of sense to me since it’s a full vegetable on its own, but oh well). I kind of had glazed over the part where I was supposed to mince it in the first step with the other veggies as I was trying to do things as speedily as possible, in attempt to meet both the stated time and sunset – I failed at both, by the way.

Another thing I tried to speed up this time was my lemon zesting for the orzo salad.  In my first recipe, I used a zester. I’m not sure if it’s due to the quality of my zester or it’s really a slow process, but it took way too much of my prep time, so today I followed the method described in the instructions: using a peeler and mincing. Their method was definitely a lot faster, but the taste and texture of the finished “zest” left something to be desired.

After the beans/shallots/garlic are done cooking, you combine them with the other ingredients of the orzo salad, namely the orzo, cucumber, parsley, dill and lemon.  According to their recipe, you’re supposed to add the sour cream provided in the knick knacks, but being the rebel (sour cream hater) that I am, I opted to add the juice of another lemon I had on hand.

The last step is to cook the salmon. This was the hardest for me. I practically never cook fish or seafood at home because I hate having to touch the raw flesh, but I followed this part of the recipe nearly exactly. I wasn’t well equipped to tell when it had reached “the desired state of done-ness” and ended up slightly overlooking them.

I did appreciate that Blue Apron provided wild Alaskan salmon filets – I’m very opposed to farmed salmon!

This time I had a taste tester to share the meal and provide a second perspective.  Neither of us had eaten salmon with the skin on before, but since the whole point of the recipe was to achieve the crispy skin, we both tried it. The skin wasn’t at all like I always expected (it was a lot better), but I ate around it for the rest of my meal; meanwhile he didn’t mind leaving it in tact this time. 

Overall, it was a filling meal and the taste was satisfying. The preparation was definitely simple enough to replicate without a recipe card next time, but now I know the actual time commitment is an hour vs. the stated 30-40 minutes total. Next time, I’ll cook the salmon sans skin and possibly baked with different seasonings.

I hope you enjoyed my review of this meal! I can’t wait to try the next one!


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