Brunch so Hard: Two Urban Licks

This weekend was Georgia Tech homecoming, and with a bunch of college friends in town we went down to Two Urban Licks in O4W for a good old fashioned Sunday brunch.

We started off with drinks and the spicy Bloody Mary was my choice. I also decided to get the salmon chips as an “appetizer” to share (because I couldn’t make up my mind). These turned out to be an amazing choice, and surprisingly spicy.  Since they are pretty light, I’d definitely recommend them as an app instead of your full meal. 

Two urban Licks brunch with salmon chips in old fourth ward o4w Atlanta
I also got the Pimento Cheese BLT sans B (#vegetarianlyfe) as my main meal. In total honesty I found it very underwhelming and bland. The eggs were completely unseasoned and there was hardly any pimento, and I ended up eating it with a knife and fork as an open faced sandwich with hot sauce. I didn’t take any pictures because it even looked as boring on the plate as it tasted. On a positive note for this brunch entree, the mixed greens salad was on point. 

Happy brunching!


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