Trader Joe’s Plant Based Essentials

Since moving to the almost-suburbs, I’ve had major grocery store withdrawals. As a pesce-vegetarian who eats plant-based (veggies, veggies and more veggies) and prefers organic, I usually get the majority of my produce from a local co-cop and hit the grocery for pantry and freezer items and fruit, but my options out here have been limited. Recently I made the trek into Buckhead to visit Trader Joe’s and stock up on some necessities and grabbed a few new items to try, too.

I love TJ’s because not only do they have a bunch of fresh, organic produce, it’s sooo affordable. Today I’m sharing some of my plant-based favorites (most of which are #whole30approved) – the criteria to get on this list was simple:

  • Must be vegetarian
  • Must not have added sugar
  • Must be gluten free

Here’s what I recommend checking out…

1. Dried Broccoli Florets. These seemed new and different so I just had to try them!

Trader Joe's broccoli chips plant based vegan

2. I also purchased beet hummus and these are awesome to dip in it!

Trader Joe's plant based favorite picks whole 30 approved beet hummus save
3. Of course you can’t go to TJ’s without stocking up on bananas at this price point of just 19 cents!

Whole 30 plant based favorite bananas vegan
4. Avocados, because avoca-duh.

5 & 6. Black bean pasta (middle) and Hemp Seed. I’ve heard rave reviews about this pasta, whose sole ingredient is black bean flour, and can’t wait to figure out the perfect recipe to share using it. As for the Hemp, I’ve been interested in hemp protein for a while and this is by far the cheapest I’ve ever seen it, so had to snatch it up to try!

Side note: at this point I stopped snapping photos in the store because people kept looking at me like a weirdo. My apologies that the rest are from my home and super not even close to artistic!

8. RX bars in pumpkin and blueberry. While the price is STEEP to me at $2.99 a bar, I love how clean these actually are. I tried the both flavors already and they were pretty tasty! **Luckily I ate both before starting my 10 day vegan “cleanse” because these are definitely NOT vegan**

8. Riced Broccoli and Riced Cauliflower, just because they seemed interesting to use for stir-fry.

9. Broccoli slaw. I’m going to use this to attempt to copy the slaw I had with my Green Chef tacos, so stay tuned for another recipe here.

10. Vegan Mozzarella. I attempted a traditional veggie pizza with this cheeze, and it really did melt. You can definitely tell it’s fake, but it does the trick. 

Let me know your favorite TJ’s vegetarian and vegan finds in the comments below! 


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