Brunch Page News

As tradition, yesterday I headed out to yet another Sunday brunch – this time at Front Page News in Midtown.

I had been here before, at night, and was expecting the atmosphere to be a bit more lively (like not softly playing elevator music in the background), but my crew for the occasion is a rowdy bunch, so I knew we could make more of the scene than it was currently offering. Immediately, we did what we do best and got right down to the drinking. 

Front page news midtown brunch Bloody Mary and mimosa bucket
FPN offers champagne buckets in place of your typical bottomless mimosas at $19.99 with one bottle of “champs” and some “unlimited” OJ from concentrate. Naturally, our table ordered several and the rest of us were eager to try the Bloodys, including me – it’s like a salad in a cup, after all. I settled on the Bloody Hot, and it was HOT alright. Now, I’ve never made my own Bloody Mary without just using the mix and I’ve never noticed it in a Bloody before, but you could definitely taste the A1… not that it’s a bad thing. All in, I give this drink a solid 9/10 in my book.

Front page news midtown Bloody hot
On to the food we progressed…

I *had* been eating vegan since last Monday but the only options on the menu were salad, and I was starving from running in the morning and only eating an apple for breakfast, so I decided to make a compromise and eat eggs, but no cheese. I got the veggie scramble, sans provolone and mushrooms, and added jalapeño. 

Front page news brunch for vegetarians veggie friendly option veggie scramble

The scramble itself was pretty decent, and definitely improved when I added the restaurant’s branded hot sauces. 

Both were delicious in their own ways. 

The biscuit, on the other hand, might as well have been a Grands. They are definitely not making them in house, and they’ve got nothing on a good buttermilk biscuit or even cathead.  Major thumbs down on the biscuits in case I haven’t made my opinion clear.

Potatoes apparently come hidden under the eggs, a detail my other veggie friend and I only realized after we requested the side a second time. I’d guess they’re cooking to potatoes on the same griddle as the bacon, or using bacon fat, so true vegans, be warned. They tasted fine, though.

Overall, I’d give the brunch here 3 out of 5 stars on Yelp. The whole experience left a “just okay” taste in my mouth.

Has anyone else had a better experience here?


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