Go-ing to Go Vinda’s

Another weekend = another vegan restaurant checked off the bucket list. 

This time I tested out Go Vinda’s Cafe in Little 5 solo. I went with the employee’s recommendation of the Gari wrap and opted for a side salad over fries… originally. Once another table’s fries came out, my plans changed. The smelled amazing and I knew I couldn’t miss out on trying them, so I added a side to my order. 

The wait was a bit longer than I expected, but it was well worth it when my food came out.

The Gari wrap (which I was skeptical of at first, btw) was amazing.

I would have never thought to combine ginger and tamari marinated tofu with sautéed peppers and vegan cheese (much less Daiya), but it works. And it works well. 

The salad was equally as surprising with the addition of figs, dried cranberries, and nuts. I never knew I liked figs until this salad, but again, Go Vinda knows what she’s doing.

Overall summary: this place is awesome, the foods is innovative and very well made. I will definitely be back and recommend everyone check it out, especially non-vegetarians looking to fill their bellies on meatless Fridays during Lent. If there’s one word to sum up the food here, it’s filling, for sure.

Let me know what you liked for the next time I go back!


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