Getting My Herban Fix

I’ve been to a few vegan restaurants in Atlanta by now, but none like Herban Fix.

For starters, the space is HUGE – there are two floors, an open kitchen, and a BAR. A vegan restaurant with a bar (or any alcoholic beverages) was a sight my eyes had yet to see, and here Herban Fix had done it. In fact, the whole atmosphere was exactly what you’d expect from a non-vegan restaurant of the same price point, except there was also a live band with a pretty talented crooner.

Ritzy level: 6.5

This midtown gem is the perfect place to take your next vegan date, or even a meat eater willing to try something new.

I decided to expand my palate myself and ordered the PomPom (Lion’s Mane) Mushroom steak. If you know me in real life, you know I actually really dislike standard mushrooms as well as portabellos, so this naturally wouldn’t have been my first choice – but it’s the signature dish and I’d heard from another shroom-shunning friend that she loved it, so I bit the bullet.

Lo and behold, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The “steak” wasn’t mushroom-y at all (YAY)! Instead it was extremely pepper-forward thanks to the sauce – But don’t get me wrong, because I love love love pepper and was totally okay with that.

The steak comes on a bed of bok choy and peppers, which I also enjoyed per usual. 

My friend selected the King Oyster Mushroom dish and we also ordered the roasted veggie side for the table. I tried a bite of the King Oyster Mushroom and was again surprised at how un-mushroom-like the dish was, but I’m not complaining because I thought it was pretty tasty. However, I could see this dish being a bit underwhelming as it only comes with 4 on the plate, so it definitely needs a side.

Fried king oyster mushrooms
The roasted veggies arrived in a generous enough portion and  as you’d expect were delicious. Honestly, it would be hard to mess these up anyway.

You can’t just come to  Herban Fix and leave without dessert, so we checked out the tray of options our waiter brought out for some visual help. They source all their cakes from Southern Sweets bakery (like Go Vinda’s and Cafe Sunflower), and I had yet to try one, so I was very excited. We needed up choosing the vegan carrot cake, which was a bit on the crumbly side yet still moist at the same time. Even though I was keen on trying vegan cream cheese frosting like you’d find on traditional carrot cake and this one turned out to only use sugar frosting, I really enjoyed it. 

I’ll definitely go back… once I finish going to my ever-growing list of fully vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants around the city.
I hope this review was helpful! Let me know what else you’d like to know about the restaurants I review in the comments!


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