Truly Revolutionary: Revolution Gelato

I first heard about Revolution Gelato when the brand started following my instagram (@healthy.hann) a few weeks ago. I added the company to my ever growing list of vegan and vegan-friendly “restaurants” in Atlanta — the list is quite long, btw — but didn’t realize it was located in the OG minimalist version of food halls known as Global Grub Collective (GGC) in East Atlanta until this weekend. 

As soon as I could wrangle a friend to join me for lunch, I knew I’d be hitting two spots:

  1. Roti – Vegetarian Indian Soul Food &
  2. Revolution Gelato

Boom! I could hit the vegan version of “2 birds with 1 stone”. I’ll cover Roti in my next post, but let’s talk about Revolution Gelato (Rev, for short).

The company was founded in 2010 by Jared Olkin, who later brought on the help of his sister Leah Sitkin to run the business as a brother-sister dream team. They started out selling wholesale to grocers such as Whole Foods and restaurants in the city, but more recently they’ve opened a permanent food stall in the GGC — thank you for that! 

Leah was working the Scoop Shop when I popped in, and when my buddy dropped the,

 “she’s a food blogger,”

bomb, she did not hesitate to give me the full tour de flavors, all of which are vegan. It’s pretty cool that while the founders are not vegan themselves, they truly care about sustainability, saw the opportunity here, and filled the niche. Each of the 6 flavors I sampled were powerful in their own ways, and all of them had the perfect densely creamy Gelato consistency that’s generally lacking from other frozen vegan dessert options.

Here’s the scoop (get it???) on the flavors I sampled:

  • Triple Vanilla – Three different types of vanilla are combined with precision to get a more complex vanilla flavor profile. I don’t even consider myself a vanilla person and yet this is one of the two I landed on ordering.
  • Majestic Mango – This flavor literally tastes exactly like a real Alfonso mango, which is due to the fact it’s 40% pure organic mango purée. 
  • Orange Dream – This flavor is powerfully orange yet again so perfectly creamy. It reminded me most closely of the orange Creme Savers flavor I loved so much in middle school. This would have been my solid third choice, but I can only eat so much in one afternoon after lunch and a full taste test. 
  • Cardamom Kiss – Cardamom is known as the Queen of Spices and I originally intended on ordering this flavor before I was offered “the tour” after overhearing it explained to another group as similar to chai tea.  Oils are used to reach such a strong flavor, and although it wasn’t my favorite it might easily be someone else’s. 
  • Nekkid Espresso – This one encapsulated everything you’d expect from its namesake. I don’t need to go on about it, you already know it was fantastic.
  • Chocolate Fantasy – This flavor was SO rich! The cocoa flavor is intense and delicious, and is reached by combining both milk and dark chocolates. I wasn’t in a chocolate mood on my visit, but if I had been there’s no doubt I would have gotten this. 

Leah is the friendliest shop owner and willing to let anyone try as many flavors as you wish to find that one you just have to have. She also let me in on a secret: she’s ordered a fancy new freezer for the space and will start serving their Gelato on top of house-made waffle cones (they’re also going to be vegan) as soon as she finally gets it in. Get excited and go try some Gelato!


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