Yummy Yumbii

If you’re into the taco-Korean foodie movement at all, allow me to introduce you to the newest player in town: Yumbii. This fast casual join located directly on Peachtree road lives up to everything you’d want it to be. 

Service is truly fast (I only paid a quarter for my to-go order parking and still had a solid 5 minutes left). 

The atmosphere is right for the occasion. Finally, I don’t need to be bougie to get fusion.

And best of all, the vegan taco is fresh and delicious! And FILLING. For $3, I’d expect mini sized tacos elsewhere, but Yumbii actually brings the value. 

The vinaigrette on the lettuce is spicy-sweet perfection and I loved it so much I asked for a little container with extra, which the staff provided FREE of charge. 

Lastly, I couldn’t not talk about the fries. They toe the line between sweet and salty to perfection. I ate mine with regular Sriracha, but they also come with a sweet chili ketchup rendition, if you’re into ketchup.

If you like tacos, Yumbii is definitely worth adding to your list.


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