Two Thumbs Up for Upbeet 

Y’all. I’ve never been so excited for a new restaurant.

Upbeet west midtown healthy fast casual
But Upbeet in West Midtown actually brought what Atlanta’s fast casual food scene has been missing. The owners of Yeah! Burger saw the consumer taste for good, clean, organics and ran with it. And they ran well.

Sure, we’ve got juice bars galore, and some of them serve salads or wraps, but we finally got a place that gets it: people want to actually sit and eat and enjoy healthy food. 

Before I even get to the food, I’ve got to share how impressed I was with the aesthetic here. Clean lines, white, and succulents on every table definitely made me feel like I was in a way cooler city than plain old Atlanta. 

Upbeet very vegan salad bowl
The service was also impressive. When you walk in and look at the non-build-your-own options on the menu board, you might get a little overwhelmed (or at least I did). Now, this may be because the spot is so new, but they had someone greet me in line and help offer suggestions based on my hunger which flavors I generally like. She even told me I could substitute the tofu for any of the proteins in the salads and grain bowls, and that most of the dressings would also be vegan friendly, but I ended up going with her original suggestion of the “Very Vegan” salad.

I added a few items I liked to my bowl and approached the checkout. Here are the only two things I was less than pleased with:

  1. My carrots, avocado and hemp seeds added an extra $3 to my bill.
  2. GT’s kombucha rings up at $6, so you’re better off passing for this meal.

Sticker shock aside, my meal was absolutely tasty, and I really enjoyed that even though I picked a salad it still contained enough quinoa to make it quite hearty. I left feeling full and felt like I got the right value for the price point, too. I will definitely be going back to this place many more times to eat my way through all the vegan options possible (so many)!

What do you recommend if you’ve gone before?


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