DermaE Skincare Review

I’ve always had super sensitive skin. Like, haven’t changed face washes in the past 9 years sensitive. But with transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle this year, I decided to replace all of my beauty products with cruelty- free, non- or less-toxic versions as it came time to restock them.

When I ran out of two of my trusty favorites, I found Derma E on sale at Sprouts and bought a couple face washes and a serum to test out with my skin. 

Aside from being on sale, I liked that DermaE prides themselves on being an eco-ethical beauty company, like not accidentally or because people made a big stink, but because they actually care about the environment AND their customers AND the animals. All of the products are completely vegan, sold in recyclable packaging and even produced using wind power — Wow! Talk about environmental impact under control. When it comes to toxins, the brand is committed to non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free formulas that never contain parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil or artificial colors.

The kicker for me was the stance against artificial colors since I have a known allergy to skincare products containing yellow 5, which is sadly still used by some so-called “sensitive skin experts” (cough*Clinique*cough) in their lotion.

They’ve also got 10 different lines to choose from, so there’s guaranteed to be a product for everyone and every season’s needs: age defying, purifying, hydrating, even tone, Anti-wrinkle, very clear, therapeautic, sun care, essentials, and sensitive. 

It all sounds good on paper, but what about the products?

Here’s what I thought after a week of trying the…

Hydrating Cleanser

I’d used hyalauronic acid before with Cerave’s Renewing SA Cream (a staple of mine that once cured some horrendous flare ups a few winters ago), so trying a wash made with this gentle exfoliator felt like a no brainer. 

Overall, I was pleased with this foaming cleanser and its ability to remove my makeup and the day’s dirt – just don’t get it in your eyes! 

Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser

I liked that like the hydrating cleanser, this one was also gel based. It contains Vitamin A and Glycolic acid to help with anti-aging. I’ll be honest and say this was my least favorite product of the three, because although my face felt clean after using it, it was almost too squeaky clean. I felt a bit dry from this cleanser, like the way your body feels after you use actual soap, but I didn’t have any irritation with the dryness. My Cetaphil day lotion or the Vitamin C Serum afterwards definitely did the trick, and I would still be interested to try the lotion in this regimen together. 

Vitamin C Concentrated Serum

This serum was my favorite Derma E product that I tried. Vitamin C is becoming a popular skincare ingredient as it works as an antioxidant to prevent free-radical damage from environmental stresses. This serum contains “stable” vitamin C, which is a science-speak meaning it can’t evaporate or degrade before it absorbs ito the skin. The C works together with Hyalauronic Acid, Aloe, and Vitamin E to provide additional moisture, and help slow the signs of aging. 

I used this product at bedtime before my night cream, and was very pleased with how it felt on my skin and the way my skin looked upon waking up. I would definitely recommend this product if you’re interested in trying anything from this brand first.

What was your experience with DermaE or other cruelty-free skincare brands?


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