A Definitive Ranking of Kale Me Crazy’s Salads for Vegans

It’s no secret I love Kale Me Crazy. Their food items, smoothies, juices and shots are all tasty, but if you walked into one of their shops wanting just a vegan salad, what would I recommend?

Here are my choices from good to best:

4. Greek Salad – Think of your typical Greek salad, add chickpeas, and that’s what you’ve got. It’s definitely worth trying, but they’ve got even better more unique options. 

Kale me Crazy Greek salad

3. Pear Apple Salad – I love fruity salads, and this one with pears, apples and crasins with orange vinaigrette does the trick. To take it up a notch, ask to sub kale or spinach for the standard lettuce.

Kale me Crazy kale apple salad
2. Beet Salad – This one comes on spinach and arugula, aka my favorite salad greens. It has spiralized beets and a really delicious dressing, too. It’s definitely a very close second place for me thanks to the heartiness and diversity in this salad. 

1. Kale salad You can order this one straight off the menu without omitting any of the ingredients, because it contains no animal products – plus 1 point for that – and it’s got the perfect combination of light and hearty. I love the addition of the quinoa to this one for a little protein boost, and the shaved carrots work perfectly with the peanut dressing to bring out the best flavor profile.

Kale me Crazy kale peanut salad
Which one is your favorite?


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