Betabel Salad

We got the beet, yeah! I may be among the minority, but I LOVE pickled beets. They're vinegar-y, yet still sweet, and taste awesome on a spinach salad. Who needs dressing with flavor like that?? I make my own "pickled" beets the easy way: just add red vinegar. First boil the beets (or buy cooked beets from the …

Strawberry Salads Forever

Strawberry salads are the best salads - sweet, yet tart, and the perfect combination with arugula. Here's what I enjoyed today: Ingredients: Arugula White Onion slices Chopped Pecans/Walnuts (Yes, I mixed these in one bag at the Kroger self-service nut stand -- don't tell on me!) Strawberries Gorgonzola crumbles Fresh ground black pepper Seriously delicious!